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    With years of experience in the digital marketing industry, Truelogic. has an exceptional track record when it comes to PPC marketing services. Our company combines expertise with technology to provide clients a with solid Pay-Per-Click strategy and ensure every solution drives results to their business. You get the most from paid advertising and appear right in front of your target audience, with Google Ad services that generate leads and increase conversions. As a leading Adwords management agency, we make sure your PPC campaign is effective and becomes a positive ROI for your business. Your ads won’t just be optimized for clicks but for maximum conversions.

    Guarantee your spot at the top with our PPC advertising services and take advantage of a program that drives targeted traffic and boosts click through rates to your site. We implement the best AdWord practices that follow Google’s guidelines to get clients in front of their customers on different ad platforms.


    Excellent PPC that boosts ROI is never “set it and forget it.” It’s focused on results with an eye on the long game through constant monitoring, reporting, and retargeting.

    To maximize your ROI, you get closely monitored ad campaigns fine-tuned according to data. We look for ways to optimize your campaign, including standard ad split testing, ad position testing, and landing page testing.


    Our team of certified AdWords specialists are Google Partners, having worked on hundreds of PPC campaigns for different niches. We put our best foot forward to help businesses scale and achieve their goals.

    We’ve been hired by e-commerce and service businesses to make their paid advertising more profitable. We can help you do the same.

    Invest in PPC that’s data-driven with a methodology that’s constantly monitored to boost organic traffic and increase recurring revenue.


    Earn 50% more profit with a carefully planned paid advertisement strategy from our Google Ads agency. Our research and analysis methods have made our clients’ PPC campaigns consistently successful.

    As a trusted PPC advertising agency, we use our experience with paid advertising models such as remarketing, display ads, pay per click ads and knowledge of online marketing trends to develop a customized strategy and Google PPC services that deliver real results.

    We will analyze your current paid advertisement strategies and improve your campaign. Our team of researchers and online marketers will research and develop the best marketing approach for your Google Ads.


    Our PPC management service can help you avoid bounces and increase clicks from visitors, eventually leading to more revenue.


    Competitor analysis is vital to create a high-performance PPC campaign and reveal areas where you can capitalize on an advantage or create one. As part of our Adwords management services, we identify your PPC competitors, discover the keywords they’re bidding on, and review ad text and destination pages to help you outperform their efforts. We look at their strategy, see what works, and see where you can gain an edge. With analytical and detailed reporting, you’ll always be one step ahead of the competition.


    PPC bid management is crucial to get the most out of your budget and consistently drive results. We help you choose bid amounts that work best for your campaign so you succeed and achieve the best results. With our PPC management company’s keyword research tools and expertise, you’ll get the best price on high-performing keywords.


    Find which keywords are performing well in paid ad campaigns when you sign up for our PPC advertising services. We identify keyword sets that require minimum investments to be run and return optimum conversions. For a maximum number of clicks, we combine identified keywords with creative ads and engaging, compelling content.


    Full Marketing Audit

    Our paid search management team will provide a full audit of your existing PPC strategy and suggest actionable tips and techniques to propel your marketing efforts to the next level.

    Strategy Creation

    We create campaign that focus on the metrics that matter the most to your business. As a leading Adwords management agency, you can trust our expertise and methods to help you achieve winning results.

    Creative Banner Design

    Part of our PPC marketing services includes finding the best ways to target and engage your audience with creative and compelling banner ads that include relevant calls-to-action.

    Accurate Tracking

    We correctly implement tags, pixels, and tracking codes to report your website leads or sales accurately. We also diagnose any bottlenecks in the conversion funnel which your visitors may encounter.

    A/B Testing

    We test different variations of your landing pages to find the optimal configurations that will maximize your marketing efforts.

    Conversation Rate Optimization

    Leave it to our PPC marketing agency to recommend techniques and adjustments to increase conversions. We help you boost conversions through extensive competitor and keyword research, interest-based targeting, creative ad copy, and the implementation of accurate tracking.

    Performance Reporting

    We review and analyze all the performance data of our PPC advertising services to highlight areas of success and improve on pain points. We provide regular performance reports on a frequency that suits your schedule.

    Improved ROI

    We constantly review, make changes, and optimize your campaign so you achieve the best returns for your marketing spend. We identify and nurture the best performing campaigns to scale accounts and budget. We help reduce your cost per acquisition, make strategic bid adjustments, and maximize your budget spend so you can go further with your paid advertising.

    Your Own Dedicated Specialist Team

    We believe real growth and success occurs when all aspects of a Paid Media strategy work together in harmony. That’s why our team is packed with specialists, from technical to creative, to work on your campaign. You’ll get your own dedicated team of experts with regular performance reports and all the support you need.

    Accelerate Your Growth With Truelogic: Why Choose Us?

    Your success is at the heart of everything we do. With years of experience as a leading PPC agency, we’re your partner, not just someone who works for you.

    We take care of every crucial step in our paid search services so your money isn’t wasted. There’s no guesswork involved with what keywords and adverts will work best and you’ll never be out of the loop when it comes to the performance of your campaign.

    Take a look at why Truelogic is the perfect PPC advertising agency you need for your business:

    Expert Marketing Knowledge and Experience

    Companies that provide PPC advertising services come and go all the time but we have been in business for over a decade and have worked on hundreds of campaigns in different industries. We continue to invest our in-house knowledge and skills as a trusted PPC company, leveraging all the latest techniques to provide you with only the best PPC management services. Our partnerships also demonstrate our knowledge and provide us with an extensive range of resources that we can tap into and find solutions for your marketing challenges.

    Tailored PPC Marketing Services

    There’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to paid search, which is why your campaign will be unique and focused on your goals and needs. No two businesses are the same and we understand the importance of curating customized PPC campaigns for each of our clients. We take the time to know your business and set up a strategy that’s fully done for you.

    Transparency and Integrity

    One of the reasons some brands have bad experiences with a PPC management company is when promises are made but not delivered and paid search services are over-sold. You’ll never experience that with us. We take pride in being a trusted and reliable paid search agency, which is why we guarantee to bring the results we said we’d deliver. We also make sure to be fully transparent on the progress of your campaigns so you’re always updated on their performance.

    Your All-in-One Marketing Agency

    Many businesses end up with an SEO company, a website designer, a social media strategist, and a pay per click company. This gives them several relationships to manage and various different marketing activities to coordinate. Working with Truelogic means you’re not just working with a PPC agency or a paid search management company, you’re working with an agency that offers a full suite of digital marketing services. You’ll have all your marketing needs under one roof.

    What's Next? Let's Start the Conversation

    If you’re interested in getting the first steps of a paid search management campaign, let’s get the ball rolling. Contact us for an in-depth talk about the PPC advertising services you need and how they will be beneficial to your business. We’ll talk you through the entire process and steps.



      A pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaign is a form of online paid advertising called Search Engine Marketing (SEM) that markets businesses using ads displayed on search engine results pages (SERPs). As the advertiser, you are charged by search engine companies like Google, Yahoo, or Bing only if a user clicks on your ad – hence the name, “pay per click”.  

      PPC ads are keyword- and content-based, just like search engine optimization-based content. They’re also ranked according to a Google Quality Score algorithm, which measures how well your ad was written compared to other ads, and how useful it appears to be to the user making the search using your keywords (i.e., according to their search intent).

      PPC advertising management campaigns depends on your marketing budget and objectives. You might be advertising a newly launched product or service or running a short-term promotion; promoting locally or globally.

      Think of your PPC ad budget as a ceiling cost; your actual ad spend will depend on how many successful clicks you get on your ads. The charge per ad click depends on the cost of the keywords you are willing to pay for, called keyword bidding. Once you’ve set and exhausted your budget, your ad will stop displaying. Your ppc marketing budget can range anywhere from $100 to thousands or dollars or millions of pesos. 

      Pay per click ads are search engine based, so it’s a matter of choosing which search engines target the markets you’re trying to reach. Google is the most established platform, but there are others all over the world, like Yahoo, Bing, Baidu (China), and Yandex (Russia). For the English-speaking world, Google, Bing, and Yahoo are the ones that count.

      It all boils down to user intent. What is the user looking for? Is it urgent? Does your ad look like it meets their needs? If you’re what they’re looking for, yes.

      It also depends on the skill of your ppc management team or ppc management company you hire to craft your copy and run your campaign. How you’ve crafted your ad copy and how visible it is matters. Just like organic (unpaid) search results, if your ad isn’t first on the top of the page, there are less chances it’ll be clicked on. So it needs to be well written using the right keywords.

      The most classic search ads are classified as Text, Dynamic Search, or Call Ads.

      When a user enters a search on a search engine, well-written ads that match the user’s keyword phrases will display at the top of the page, above organic results. They’re clearly indicated as an “Ad”, together with a website address or phone number, a URL link, and a short meta description.

      Call ads are available on mobile phone search results. 

      The next type are Shopping Ads, which appear to the right of a desktop search engine result. These are hybrid ads with a photo and copy description underneath, and the word “Sponsored” above them.

      Ads can also be displayed on Google search partner websites.

      Google has also just begun to roll out new search ad types on their mobile-based Discovery platform, in image or video format.

      PPC ads are displayed based on user intent, which is defined by the keywords they use, so it’s an effective way of targeting users with direct intent to purchase a product or service based on what they are searching for. 

      Finding the best keywords is dependent on knowing your customers and understanding the way they intend to search for you online. To find the best keywords and best ad budget campaign around them, you can use a platform like Google Keyword Planner or other mainstream keyword search platforms like Ahrefs, Semrush, or Moz Keyword Explorer.

      Good PPC management campaign depends on in-house ppc experts or PPC marketing agencies, a service usually offered alongside other digital marketing services. Good campaign performance relies on keyword research, ad copy, budget management, and good landing page creation. 

      If you don’t have the in-house expertise for digital advertising, talk to us.

      We’ll help you set up a successful campaign. We are experts at Google Adwords management, copy creation, campaign management and evaluation.    


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