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Ecommerce marketing is the Future Of Retail. Make Ecommerce Website Marketing a part of your growth plan.

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Digital Marketing Strategy For Ecommerce Sites and Online Retail Businesses

Ecommerce in the Philippines is growing – fast! And being online and available for your customers is more than just having a website or a Facebook page. Ecommerce is steadily increasing not just for the Philippines but the whole Southeast Asian region. Year on year, the Philippines has been beating the forecast for e-commerce growth. The question for your business is, are you going to be where your customers are?

The answer is our strategy for digital marketing and ecommerce. It sounds simple but the reality of ecommerce marketing is that it’s a complex discipline. However, it’s also arguably the easiest to analyze, as you can see how many people buy and how much they spend, and to directly relate that back to a marketing channel. And that’s where Truelogic comes in.

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At Truelogic, our ecommerce marketing services are all about bringing your brand and your product into your customer’s buyer journey and allowing them to complete the transaction online. The solution for successful ecommerce websites and online retailers looking for a piece of the digital sales pie is how you market your brand online and speak the language of your future customers. We help you focus on your customer persona and speak directly to them with branding and experience through a targeted digital marketing strategy for ecommerce businesses.

Ecommerce Website Design:
Shopify And WooCommerce

Online transactions are the core of ecommerce in the Philippines. Some business owners believed that moving to ecommerce required more resources and more technical capabilities to meet the needs of the Filipino e-shopper.

Not anymore. We’ll make your transition to the ecommerce industry as smooth as possible with our ecommerce website services.


Shopify For Ecommerce Websites

Shopify’s user-friendly interface, easy setup, and SEO-friendly platform make it a favorite among retailers looking to take their business online. If you’re part of the digital shift and planning to sell on Shopify, we have the perfect solution to add to your ecommerce digital marketing arsenal.

Our digital marketing agency offers Shopify website design to provide your online business with a foundation for your ecommerce website marketing. Our experts in website design and develop can help bring life to your ecommerce business:

  • Shopify setup
  • Customized website design
  • Shopify upgrades, maintenance, and support

Want to be the best ecommerce website in the Philippines? We can help you achieve that. Our experts in digital marketing for ecommerce will put in the work for you.

WooCommerce For Ecommerce Websites

WooCommerce is Worpress’ ecommerce website design solution – the most popular website platform choice for millions of websites on the web today. Working with us as your partner, we’ll help your brand get started on your digital marketing strategies for ecommerce through WooCommerce.

Our ecommerce digital marketing services include collaborative work between designers and marketing consultants to give you a platform that is:

  • Responsive
  • Customized to your brand
  • Superbly SEO-friendly

Let us take the reins when it comes to digital marketing for ecommerce while your business reaps all the benefits.

Woo Commerce
ecommerce seo services

SEO For ECommerce Websites

Ecommerce SEO Strategies That Drive Buyers And Not Just Traffic

Without a brick and mortar store, ecommerce websites have even more reason to take their online stores to the top of Google’s search results. It’s a battle for products not just keywords – and the time to move in is now.

As an established digital marketing agency, we have SEO and ecommerce marketing specialists who are trained in executing performance-driven strategies to put your products on the first page of Google search – the only place your customers look.

Our ecommerce marketing services include the following SEO strategies:

  • On-page optimization
  • Technical ecommerce website optimization
  • Google My Business Optimization
  • Link building
  • Analytics and reporting

Let experts in ecommerce marketing show you how to bring you foot traffic, web traffic, phone calls, inquiries, and ultimately sales.

SOCIAL MEDIA For Ecommerce Websites

Generate Demand With Social Media Marketing For Ecommerce

Filipinos have consistently been the top content consumers on Facebook. Not being on social media is a missed opportunity. We’re here to make sure it doesn’t happen by designing online marketing strategies for ecommerce websites.

Adding social media as our formula in digital marketing for ecommerce websites, we help your businesses leverage the massive reach of different social channels to bring people to your online storefront. Our team collaborates with you in providing holistic ecommerce marketing management.

Our ecommerce marketing plan includes helping brands build their social media footprint – whether they’re just getting started with their brand or already an established online merchant. Let us be your ecommerce marketing consultant.

Social Media as an Ecommerce Marketing Channel
Retargeting Abandone Carts with Paid Search

GOOGLE ADS For Ecommerce Websites

Be There When Customers Are Ready To Convert

A well-developed PPC advertising strategy targets keywords that are transactional in nature. The people using these keywords are already in the buying stage of the sales process. Using paid advertising as part of digital marketing ecommerce strategies is what we can help you with.

Our ecommerce marketing solutions include:

  • Google Search Ads
  • Google Display Ads
  • Google Remarketing Ads

With search engine marketing, you can retarget visitors who made it all the way to checkout but abandoned their shopping cart. We can even target them with ads for the very items in their abandoned cart. Our team can also set up your account on Google Merchant so you can display ads on Google Shopping. Every ad campaign we set up serves a purpose in developing a digital marketing strategy for ecommerce websites.

Work with an ecommerce marketing specialist who knows how to help you develop a paid ads strategy for your ecommerce marketing campaigns – that’s us.

CONTENT MARKETING For Ecommerce Websites

Consistency Is The Driving Force Of Relationships

Content marketing isn’t the first ecommerce marketing channel that comes to mind when merchants want to drive traffic and revenue for their online business. But it’s a tool in your ecommerce arsenal that you can’t afford to skip.

Your future customers don’t always know that they need the service or product your online business is selling. They first need information or help to identify a problem that your ecommerce website can solve. Our high-quality content writers and an ecommerce content marketing strategy combine to address this business need and funnel your website visitors to the next stage of the buyer’s journey.

If you want people to buy your commodity, you have to get them to buy-in to your story. We’ll be the ecommerce marketing company that does this for you.

Boosting Online Sales with Blog Posts

Drive Growth and Maximize your Online Visibility

No matter what you sell, you’re never alone. In every niche, competition is fierce, especially with brands vying for top positions on Google and the organic search landscape. Without a cohesive strategy, your ecommerce business could be left behind.

At Truelogic, we’re aware that digital marketing for ecommerce websites is more than just driving traffic — it’s about reaching the right audience for your products and guiding them through their buyer’s journey. We factor this into all our campaigns, making sure your investment yields real, sustainable results.

Talk to us today to see how we can help you convert web traffic into paying customers.

Launch Your Business to Greater Heights with Truelogic:
Why Choose Us?

Truelogic has built a reputation over the years as a data-driven, results-focused digital marketing company for ecommerce websites. We invest heavily in industry-leading tools to gather data on how users interact with websites. This includes user testing, keyword tracking, analytics platforms, and much more.

The approach we take is focused on delivering genuine, sustainable results that truly impact your bottom line. We’ll work closely with you to analyze the data we gather and come up with a strategy that delivers the highest possible ROI. In other words, you make more money by working with us.

Ongoing technical analysis

Any ecommerce website without a backbone in technical SEO will underperform. We ensure your site achieves and maintains technical excellence with constant site audits and continued deep dive analyses. You also won’t be left in the dark as we work closely with you to resolve issues.

Product and category pages optimization

We review the sales copy on your product and category pages, looking at keyword targeting and CTAs to improve search rankings and drive conversions. We make sure your category pages are tuned to perfection to promote content exploration and ultimately boost ROI.

Unparalleled client care

We are committed to your KPIs and remain transparent regarding the resources involved in certain deliverables. If optimizations don’t lead to tangible returns, then we don’t do them. It’s that simple. We focus on value and impact-driven ecommerce activity.

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The first step is making sure people actually find your site — and that’s the thing we’re best at. Partner with Truelogic and leverage the power of online solutions that simultaneously grow audiences, boost engagement, and increase sales.

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